“Desayuno Argentino” Traditional Argentine Breakfast


Try something different for breakfast! Desayuno Argentino is a traditional Argentine breakfast that includes authentic breakfast pastries such as medialunas, facturas, and bizcochos. Desayuno Argentino can be enjoyed with a cafecito, café con leche, tea, mate, and orange juice.

  • Medialunas are Argentine-style croissants shaped like bowties. They are slightly sweet with a brioche-like texture.
  • Facturas are similar to a brioche in taste and are always topped with membrillo (quince paste), dulce de leche, or crema pastelera (egg-custard).
  • Bizcochos are a type of biscuit layered with butter and baked. The edges are crusty and the inside is soft.

Dulce de leche always makes the best spread for any of these breakfast treats!

El Mate

Yerba Mate‬Mate Cocido is a typical infusion made with yerba mate and boiling water. After the mate sits for a few minutes, it is strained and served. The characteristic bitter flavor of mate here is milder than in mate cebado.

Mate Cebado is known worldwide as yerba mate or simply mate. This comforting, warm beverage is best shared in the morning or afternoon with friends and family. It pairs perfectly with bizcochos and facturas at any casual get together.

A Guide to Making Mates at Home

  1. Heat water until it reaches the boiling point; set aside.
  2. Fill the gore (mate) with yerba three-fourths full.
  3. Cover the top of the gore with your hand; shake well; and tilt to one side.
  4. Insert the bombilla (metal straw).
  5. Pour hot water to the brim, sip, and enjoy!